Swimming my way to failure
Published in Drain magazine (online refereed journal)
July 2015

If you find the good oil let us know
Maddie Leach
Invited by the artist to write a letter as part of the project
Letter titled ‘Dear Mrs Perano’ published in:
• Letters to the editor, Taranaki Daily News, Saturday 12 January 2013
• Artist book if you find the good oil let us know

The secrets of their own hearts
Murray Hewitt
Review of exhibition at the City Gallery, Wellington
20 October–9 December 2012

God is back – pass the plate
Exegesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
January 2012
Sandy Gibbs God is back – pass the plate

The New Honesty: A Critique of the Retreat
Review of exhibition at The Physics Room, Christchurch
3 June–28 June 2009
The Physics Room Annual 2009
The New Honesty

Mowing down the puppies, and other suburban stories
Review of ‘Green Belt Video Suburb’ exhibition at Enjoy Public Art Gallery
Jenny Gillam & vjRex
24 May–9 June 2006
Plus closing performance in collaboration with Kaleb Bennett
Friday 9 June 2006

21 Blackwood Road
Geoff Newman
Review of exhibition at West Space Gallery, Melbourne
24 March–8 April 2006
Writing commissioned by artist
21 Blackwood Road

Insidious Pop: VJ Rex vs Dr Kron
Review of vjRex and Dr Kron exhibition at Show
Paper Fountain (Enjoy Public Art Gallery publication)
Wellington, May 2005, Issue One
Insidious pop