Making time (2005)

Making Time was a collaborative exhibition by the gallery volunteers at the (former) SHOW gallery at 12 Knigges Ave, Wellington. The volunteers’ group consisted of artists Vivien Atkinson, Liz Allen, Sandy Gibbs, Marjorie Marshall, Kim Paton, Rebecca Pilcher and Marnie Slater.

Collectively, Making Time temporarily modified the SHOW exhibition space to acknowledge the role of gallery sitter while articulating the artists’ individual practices. The artists set out to mark a tension between the production and exhibiting processes and, through this, to examine the sitters’ presence in the gallery along with the specific community that frequented the space, and envisaging a level of meaning predicated on exchange existing within this. As such, local practitioners were invited to make time to gallery sit in the modified space and to create site-responsive writings. These writings were subsequently published in the SHOW catalogue.

SHOW gallery, Wellington
15 December 2005 – 22 January 2006